vana organizer

A 1x/10x double sided, removable glass mirror with 2 metal trays and a removable rubber insert.

  • BEAUTY ORGANIZER: Vana is a multifunctional piece with two-tier storage trays (large and small), and a removable double-sided mirror with 1X and 10X magnification.
  • MODERN DESIGN WITH WARM CURVES AND FINISHES: Made of metal with a crisp white coating and a warm beech wood handle, Vana’s smooth corners give the product a more usable and approachable aesthetic.
  • DESIGNED BY ANTHONY KEELER: Anthony says the main idea was to create a minimal multi-functional object (storage/mirror and mirror stand/hand mirror), that was a one stop-prep station.
  • RUBBER INSERT: Vana comes with a rubber insert to prevent items from rolling around and can be removed and used as a separate piece on the counter top
  • SMALL FOOTPRINT: This versatile piece takes up minimal counterspace, but still makes use of vertical square footage in order to maximize storage and functionality. It measures 7 x 11 x 11 ½ inches.