confetti dots wall decor

Inspired by polka dot patterns, Confetti, was designed to make a big impact with very little effort. The high quality polished metal surface creates a reflective and interactive pattern on the wall. Two different offset heights of the product allow the shapes to be overlapped when mounted, lending itself to a confetti-inspired look. Use the product to create a random design or an organized shape. The peel and stick backing make it a breeze to install. Simply clean the area with a damp cloth and let dry. Remove backing, press firmly on the surface and hold for 5 seconds. This versatile design will make a big impact in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and more. The Confetti dots come as a set of 16, measures 2 ¾ inches in diameter and include two different heights, which gives you the opportunity to overlap the dots, lending to their confetti look.

  • Big Impact, Easy Install: Make a big impact on your wall with very little effort, simply peel and stick
  • High Quality Metal: Made of high quality, stamped, polished metal, the reflective surface on each copper-colored triangle creates reflections and patterns on the wall that make each dot interactive
  • Set of 16 Polka Dots: Each dot has a diameter of 2 ¾ inches, and comes in two depths, allowing the pieces to overlapped, lending to their confetti-inspired look
  • Customizable: Laura designed confetti to make a big impact with very little effort. Create a random pattern or an organized shape using this playful and interactive wall decor
  • Additional Information

    Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) Product Weight (Lbs)
    2.75 2.75 0.63 0.62