shadow wall clock

A great clock that looks good and runs smoothly adds charm and functionality to your space. Every single Umbra clock is tested before it gets shipped out. We have a wall inside our factory where we insert batteries inside each clock we make and then hang it on the wall to make sure it works perfectly. This, coupled with our sleek and innovative designs means when you purchase an Umbra clock, you are getting a piece that is not only functions for telling time, but also doubles as wall décor. Despite its name, Shadow is a standout piece. Its face and numbers are made from Paulownia wood, which means it has a wood grain running through it as well as a natural, warm, color and overall aesthetic.

  • New Take On A Traditional Clock Design: Shadow has a traditional round shape but breaks away from the expected with its materials. Featuring a face and numbers made of paulownia wood, and large, graphic numbers with edges that are painted black
  • All Umbra Clocks Are Tested In-House: Inside our factories is a wall where every single one of our clocks is tested to make sure it ticks just right
  • Made of Paulownia Wood: A warm addition to any room’s décor, paulownia has a beautiful natural grain and soft, soothing color that transcends multiple decors; looks great in offices, kitchens or as part of a gallery wall
  • Available In a Variety Of Finishes: Shadow measures 16 ¼ inches in diameter and is 1 ½ inches thick, comes with mounting hardware and has a silent sweeping quartz clock mechanism
  • Additional Information

    Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) Product Weight (Lbs)
    15.75 15.75 1.38 4.4