T-Frame T-Shirt Display is a unique piece, designed for specifically for displaying t-shirts on the wall. Constructed of molded polypropylene, T-Frame is durable and thrives as eye-catching wall décor. The frame has a polished black finish, adding a degree of dimension and depth, with a clean outline. T-Frame comes with a folding template, to ensure your t-shirt rests neatly inside. T-frame fits one t-shirt and measures at a compact 21½ x 19½ x 1 inches

  • T-SHIRT SHAPED FRAME FOR DISPLAYING YOUR FAVORITE T-SHIRTS: This frame is specifically made for displaying t-shirts on the wall, great for statement shirts, concert memorabilia, or vintage wear. This black frame has a t-shirt shape so it’s made to make your t-shirts standout and keep their form. Included is a folding template to ensure your t-shirts look fitted, not crumpled in the frame.
  • DESIGNED BY CALEB FERRIS & PRAKHAR MEHROTRA: As t-shirt lovers Caleb and Prakhar were tired of seeing the way t-shirts were being display as art, so they created the T-Frame in order to preserve the iconic shape of the t-shirt, while creating wall art.
  • PRATT/UMBRA DESIGN COMPETITION: Umbra has an annual design competition with the Pratt Institute, and Caleb and Prakhar were 2012’s winners thanks to this clever design.
  • DIMENSIONS: T-Frame measures 21½ x 19½ x 1 inches.