T-frame large

This unique T-Shirt display case is made to showcase your favorite sports, concert, graphic or athletic t-shirts. Since it’s shaped like a t-shirt, you can easily fold your shirt into the frame for a compact display that will keep it looking pristine. Included is a folding guide allowing you to align your shirt perfectly in the frame. With this quick and easy to use solution, you don’t have to worry about your shirt sagging in a shadowbox, or being unprotected outside a frame. Made with shatter-proof acrylic your t-shirt will be safe and dust-proof behind this wall display. This easy to hang frame has sawtooth hangers on the back and is easy to assemble. Simply fold your t-shirt on the built-in folding template and then place the jersey inside the frame. Umbra’s T-Frame is available in a small (22 x 20 inches), medium (29 x 25 inches), and large (36 x 33 inches) size to accommodate your different t-shirts and jerseys.

  • Display Your Favorite Jerseys: Display your favorite sports jerseys with ease using this compact, stylish and easy to use frame by Umbra. shaped like an actual jersey, you get a customized look for your favorite piece of sports memorabilia, without the hefty price tag
  • Turn Your T-Shirt Into Artwork: Umbra t-frame is the ultimate way to show off all sorts of t-shirts including graphic tees, statement tees, brand & logo t-shirts, sports & athletic t-shirts, memorabilia & concert t-shirts, artsy t-shirts, and more
  • Winner Of The Prestigious Pratt Institute Design Competition: This creative, one-of-a-kind design from Caleb Ferris and Prakhar Mehrotra was the winner of Umbra's annual design competition done in conjunction with the pratt institute school of design in 2012
  • Easy To Set Up: Umbra T-Frame includes a folding template to ensure your t-shirt stays in place and looks its very best. T-Frame small measures 22 x 20 inches and is suitable for youth sized t-shirts (small to large). Umbra’s T-Frame is also available in a medium and large size to accommodate your different sports jerseys, t-shirts and memorabilia. *** please see chart below to choose the right size t-frame for your t-shirt or jersey***
  • Additional Information

    Size T-Frame Small T-Frame Medium T-Frame Large
    Width (inches) 22 29 36
    Height (inches) 20 25 30
    Suitable T-Shirt/Jersey Size Youth Sized T-Shirts - Small to Large Adult Sized T-Shirts - Baseball, Rugby and Soccer Jerseys Men's Jerseys up to XXL - Rugby, Hockey, Baseball and Football Jerseys