toto storage box

Inspired by the ease-of-use and multifunctional characteristics of the classic toolbox comes TOTO Box. This multi-compartment caddy holds a variety of items from makeup brushes to stationary, and includes a small pull-out drawer lined with linen.

  • A STYLISH STORAGE BOX: Toto has multiple compartments, great for storing items like stationary, makeup brushes, and electronics. Its small, white metal drawer is lined with linen, which helps protect more delicate items like jewelry.
  • CRISP AND MODERN DESIGN: Toto sports the shape of a classic toolbox and is made of beautiful and durable birch wood in a natural finish, showing off its beautiful grain. Its crisp white metal drawer and ergonomic handle add a modern freshness to this piece and serve as a contrast to the birch wood.
  • DESIGNED BY SUNG WOOK PARK: The ease-of-use and multifunctional characteristics of the classic toolbox were the inspiration for Toto
  • VERSATILE STORAGE: Toto looks great in a variety of spaces within the home from the office to the bathroom countertop; it measures 9 ¾ x 5 x 4 ¾ inches.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: If you have supplies that you like to carry from room to room, for example a manicure set, paints, or makeup this piece can be moved around with ease thanks to its ergonomic handle