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vapor soap dish

Umbra's stylish Vapor Soap Dish will keep your bathroom looking clean and cohesive. Vapor is made of molded glass, with an etched finish interior and high-gloss finish exterior. Use this soap dish on its own or alongside other items within the Vapor Collection.

  • Modern Finishes: Vapor is constructed with molded glass, has an etched interior, and high-gloss exterior
  • Durable: With its glass foundation, vapor is a sturdy and solid product, but still light weight and easy to move
  • Perfect Size: Measuring 5.5 x 4.25 x 1.25 inches, this soap dish is compact in size and able to seamlessly nestle any standard bar of soap
  • Easy to Clean: wipe down to clean
  • Additional Information

    Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) Product Weight (Lbs)
    5.6 3.6 1.25 0.5