vapor toothbrush holder

The Vapor toothbrush holder is an essential accessory to have in your bathroom. Acrylic top and glass base.


  • ATTRACTIVE AND SIMPLE: Vapor Toothbrush Holder is constructed of translucent white molded glass, with an etched finish interior and a high-gloss acrylic exterior
  • SEPARATES BRUSHES: With four individual openings, Vapor keeps your toothbrushes upright for sanitary drying and storage. The product’s oval shape separates brushes and creates distance between them.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: Though appearing heavier due to its sturdy glass construction, Vapor is extremely lightweight and easy to move
  • MESS-FREE: Vapor has a lipped base to catch drips from toothbrushes and prevent any spillage
  • DESIGNED BY MICHELLE INVANKOVIC FOR UMBRA: Through its simple, polished, and clean-cut form, Vapor is a modern, practical addition to any bathroom