vines wall decor (white)

Design:  Adrienna Matzeg, Laura Carwardine

If you love the look of paper flowers, but long to find a way to use them for more than temporary displays or small vignettes, this modern take on paper flowers may be just the thing you’re looking for. With the intention of creating a product that looks like paper leaves, Umbra’s designers set out to find a material that was just as thick and matte, but more durable to ensure VINES is reusable with added utility.

  • Every pack includes small hooks that mount to the wall using EASY TAB™ technology. Each Vine has a loop at the top which can be used to the place the VINES on hooks, or to connect multiple strands together, making it a great alternative to peel and stick wall murals.
  • Each piece has a loop at the top, which can either be looped over the hooks that come with the product or can be used to connect two or more VINES together.
  • Available in Spruce and White, Umbra’s VINES lend well to both the holidays and everyday, one pack comes with 18 VINES in three lengths (16 x 2 ¼ inches, giving you the ability to create a dynamic, layered look.
  • VINES can be used on windows, as a room divider, made into long garlands or holiday wreaths, and used to quickly amp up décor during special occasions like birthdays and showers.


2"w x 16"h

2"w x 14"h

4"w x 11"h