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ferris jewelry organizer

Finish: natural


Make a statement with the Umbra Ferris Jewelry Organizer! This stylish jewelry holder is the perfect gift for yourself or a friend and is designed to hold and protect your rings with velvet-padded pillows. Crafted with ashwood, the Ferris Jewelry Organizer is easy to keep clean and ready to impress. Its modern design is sure to complement any room in your home and will look great on your nightstand, dresser, or desk. When you’re not actively wearing your rings, the Ferris Jewelry Organizer will keep them safe and secure. It’s suitable for multiple rings and earrings of different sizes, so no matter your style, you’ll always have a place to store your jewelry. Wood is a unique natural material with variations in tone, texture, and grain.

  • Looks Good Anywhere: You won't have to sacrifice style for function. The Ferris Jewelry Organizer is crafted from ashwood, giving it a clean, high-end look that will add a touch of contemporary charm to any room
  •  Protects Jewelry With Velvet-Padded Pillows: No worries about scratching your jewelry with this eye-catching organizer! It's the perfect safe haven for all the pieces you love
  •  Unique Gift: Give the perfect present to a friend who loves fashion and has a wild sense of style! The Ferris Jewelry Organizer is truly one-of-a-kind and always bound to impress
  •  Stores Multiple Rings & Earrings: Whether you're into stacking rings or swapping earrings every day, this organizer has enough space to store them all in one place


      Ferris Jewelry Organizer
      7.5″w × 1.57″d × 7.5″h