peggy drawer organizer

What makes Peggy unique is the adjustable tray and removable pegs that can be repositioned at any time. You choose where to place them based on your needs which means you can create the perfect fit to accommodate your plastic food storage containers and lids, your cookware including pots, pans and lids, your serveware, your mixing bowls, your cooking utensils and just about anything else you want to keep organized and in its place. Comes as a set of 2, place the bases side by side, use them separately or even combine multiple sets to accommodate larger drawers, cupboards and cabinets. To ensure a perfect fit, each base can be extended up to an additional 3.25 inches and comes equipped with non-slip feet to ensure Peggy stays put. Once you decide where to place your Peggy, simply position the pegs (each one is 4 inches high) to accommodate the items you want to keep neat and organized.

  • Adaptable Storage and Organizing Solution: Peggy is designed to help you reclaim your most valuable kitchen storage space while at the same time keeping everything neatly organized including your food storage containers, mixing bowls, cookware, serveware, pots, pans, lids, utensils and more
  • Versatile Multi-Function Organizer: Peggy is the ultimate kitchen drawer organizer tray but it also works equally well inside cupboards, cabinets or even on a shelf making it a must-have for your kitchen if you want to declutter your most essential storage areas and keep items of all shapes and sizes in their proper place
  • Easy To Use And Set Up: Peggy sets up in a matter of seconds and the non-slip feet help ensure it stays in place wherever you need it most; simply position the included pegs (set includes 16 pegs) on the pegboard tray (set includes 2 trays) to accommodate the items you're trying to keep organized
  • Flexible, Fully Adjustable Storage System: Unlike other organizer trays that are confined to a single pre-determined configuration, Peggy gives you the flexibility to adjust based on your changing storage and organizational needs; with Peggy there are literally hundreds of possible configurations for you to choose from
  • Additional Information

    Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) Product Weight (Lbs)
    21.38 11.88 4 1.16