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Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

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cappa toilet paper stand

Color: nickel


Cappa Toilet Paper Stand is a minimalist, freestanding toilet paper stand with an integrated reserve for storing toilet paper rolls. Using often under-utilized vertical square footage, while maintaining a small footprint, Cappa holds up to three jumbo toilet paper rolls and dispenses one. This toilet paper stand and reserve is made with an eco-friendlier finish. It produces 85% less water and solid waste than traditional electroplating finishes.

  •  Modern, Sleek Design: With a minimal, polished metal design, Cappa fits in with a variety of decor styles and hardware
  •  Small Footprint: Cappa toilet paper stand and reserve is freestanding yet takes up little space
  •  Easy Storage: This two-in-one toilet paper holder and reserve can store up to 3 jumbo size rolls and has an elevated base to ensure they don't touch the ground
  •  Made Of Metal: This modern and sturdy bathroom accessory is made of metal to ensure added durability


    Cappa Toilet Paper Stand
    7.69″w × 4.92″d × 20.59″h