Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

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conceal shelf small (set of 3)

Color: silver


Conceal Shelf is a powder coated silver floating bookshelf that become invisible behind a stack of books, transforming the books into a work of art. The shelves have flexibility in the mounting formation and can be displayed as a group or separately, linear in orientation or staggered. Conceal has a small lip to hold the book cover from falling and give off the illusion of a floating shelf. It is space-saving and can fit into awkward wall spaces to securely nestle your books. Coming in a sheen silver finish, Conceal can integrate seamlessly into any space, adding dimension. The small shelf size measures can hold up to 15 pounds. The larger shelf measures can and hold up to 20 pounds.

  • Original Design: Conceal floating bookshelves will transform the way you store and display your favorite books. By stacking them on to the sturdy metal L-shaped shelf, the shelf will become hidden behind the books – this allows them to appear as though they are floating on your wall
  • Space-Saving Solution: Unlike conventional free-standing bookshelves, the slick design of the Conceal Floating shelves gives you the ability to use that wall space that’s going unused
  • Alternate Uses: A shelf not only designed to display books, Conceal can also be used to showcase other items such as potted plants, DVD’s, photo frames, decor, collectables and more
  • Easy To Install: Conceal Floating Bookshelves are easy to install and come with all necessary hardware for quick and pain-free installation

      Conceal Shelf Small
      5.5″w × 5.25″d × 5.25″h