conceal shelf (small)

Metal floating book shelf that becomes invisible behind a stack of books.

  • MINIMALISTIC AND UNIQUE DESIGN: Conceal bookshelves transform the way we stack books by losing traditional elements in furniture shelving and pairing its form to bare its function, resulting in a stunning visual display that makes your books look like they are floating on your wall
  • DIFFERENT SIZES AND STYLES: The Conceal Collection comes in two sizes — small 5½ x 5¼ x 5¼ inches and large 5½ x 7 x 6½ inches. Small is ideal for novels and holds up to 15 lbs. the large size is meant for bigger books and holds 20 lbs. Both sizes are available in a single or 3-pack.
  • SPACE-SAVER: The slick design of the Conceal Floating Shelf Collection gives you the ability to skip the traditional free-standing bookshelf and use that wall space that’s going unused; great for small spaces and awkward walls that might not be big enough for a traditional wall bookshelf
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Conceal bookshelves come in different styles and sizes making it easy for you to create your own custom book display by combining shelves in a design that suits your style. Whether you want a small bookshelf or a large one, conceal can be customized for your needs.
  • DESIGNED BY MIRON LIOR FOR UMBRA: Miron won the PRATT/UMBRA Student Competition for this innovative design in 2006. All Conceal Shelves are easy to install and come with the necessary hardware for installation, including drywall anchors to ensure your hanging bookshelf has a secure installation, making the process easy and quick!
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