Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing


hub rectangular mirror

Color: white


Hub Mirror Rectangular brings a fun and new shape to the classic Hub Mirror Family. Available in two sizes, Hub will not only brighten your space but adds visual depth to make it appear larger. With its modern black rubber rim that doubles as a protective bumper, this decorative mirror makes a perfect statement piece in any room.

  • Decorative: Hub’s black rubber rim not only adds to the sharpness of this mirror but also doubles as a bumper, making it perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways
  • Boosts Light: If you’re living in a smaller space Hub can trick the eye into making it appear larger, making light bounce around the room, visually expanding the space
  • Easy To Install: Hub is easy to install and includes mounting hardware


    Hub Rectangular Mirror
    24″w × 1.25″d × 36″h