Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

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showcase shelves

Color: white


When mounted to the wall, Showcase Shelves give off the illusion that they are gently floating. Showcase is both clean and modern, through a gallery-like appearance, using a simplistic shelf design. Showcase’s concealed metal hardware can hold up to 2½ lbs. each and is compact in size. The shelves come with all hanging hardware, including a metal mounting frame, a packet with two screws, and two plastic anchors. Showcase Shelves can be arranged as desired, whether mounted together or spread out, and are an ideal space-saving solution.

  • Small Floating Shelves: Once installed, the shelves look like they’re floating on your wall thanks to concealed mounting hardware
  • Gallery Style Display: Showcase floating shelves have a glossy finish, are compact and wall mountable
  • Multipurpose: Use a full set to complete a gallery wall, as a baby monitor stand, or a charging station for your cellphone, they also make great display shelves for collectibles
  • Make Your Favorite Items Stand Out: These wall mounted display shelves will help highlight the objects you rest on them


    Showcase Shelves
    4″w × 3″d × 1.25″h