Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

sling sink organizer

Color: charcoal


Sling is a flexible sink organizer that can bend to fit to the edge of any sink or counter. It features a wire frame with a flexible molded coating, specifically chosen for its non-slip and elastic properties, which means it will stay put while you do your dishes. Sling has generous cutouts for a scrubbing brush and a perforated base, improving drainage and preventing the build-up of moisture, ensuring your sponge, dishrag, or scrubby will stay clean and dry. Easy to wash, simply rinse it with warm soapy water to keep in clean.

  • Fits Multiple Sinks: Sling is made with elastic non-slip properties that allow it to form to the edge of your sink or sink divider for a customizable, organizational solution
  • Storage For Multiple Tools: Sling is a versatile sink organizer that can be placed on the edge or wall of your sink to organize your dish-washing tools and countertop accessories
  • Easy To Clean: Generous cutouts and a perforated base improves drainage and prevents moisture buildup.
  • Part Of The Sling Collection: Inspired by the flexible material behind Umbra’s Sling Sink Caddy, Eugénie and Nate created a larger version with increased functionality

      Sling Sink Organizer
      11.5″w × 5.5″d × 0.25″h