Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

squire multi-use paper towel holder

Color: black


Squire is a versatile paper towel holder that can be placed in multiple spots in your kitchen. Hang it over your cabinet door, under a shelf, or mount it to a wall. No matter where you place it, you’ll be saving counter space. Squire is made of bent metal and comes in black or white. This paper towel holder is made with an eco-friendlier finish. It produces 85% less water and solid waste than traditional electroplating finishes.

  •  Modern, Graphic Look: This versatile paper towel holder’s continuous square wire creates a modern and eye-catching look
  •  Versatile Paper Towel Holder: Can be hung over a cabinet door, under a shelf or mounted to a wall
  •  Elegant Material And Finish: Squire’s bent metal has the look of cast iron


    Squire Multi-Use Paper Towel Holder
    12.65″w × 4.75″d × 6.6″h