Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

Canadian Made Modern Home Furnishing

step toilet brush

Color: white


Step Toilet Brush and holder completely conceals your toilet brush. It has an enclosed holder that opens and closes using the toilet brush itself, which has the lid of the holder built into its handle. Part of an entire collection of spa-like melamine bath accessories, Step Toilet Brush can be ordered on its own, or with the rest of the collection, for a sleek, coordinated look. Made of ultra-durable melamine, this toilet brush and holder coordinates with the smaller pieces in this collection. Sporting sleek, soft, curves and a smooth, matte finish, Step Toilet Brush is both modern and durable. Compact size so it will fit neatly in many different washrooms.

  •  Modern Design: Step toilet brush and holder contains and conceals your toilet brush, its lid is built into the brush’s handle, ensuring that your toilet brush is completely encapsulated and out of sight when not in use
  •  Melamine: This piece is made of ultra-durable melamine, which is great for a toilet brush holder, as it is typically placed on the bathroom floor and more vulnerable to breakage.
  •  Part Of The Step Bath Collection: This toilet brush and holder is part of the Step bathroom collection, which includes a soap pump, trash can, toothbrush holder, and a soap dish


    Step Toilet Brush
    4.5″w × 4.5″d × 14.25″h