toola bottle opener

Put the finishing touches on your bar with this decorative and novel-shaped beer opener by Umbra. Thanks to its screwdriver shape, Toola looks like it belongs in a toolbox just as much as on your bar cart. This contemporary bottle opener is freestanding and made of cast metal, which gives it a nice heft and lends to excellent leverage when popping caps off of bottles. Toola sports a sleek chrome finish and a compact design measuring 1.69 x 1.01 x 4.48 inches (4 x 3 x 11 cm).

  • Charming Bar Accessory: Toola is a decorative, freestanding beer bottle opener that looks like a screwdriver, and sports a sleek, chrome finish
  • Durable Materials: This bottle opener is made of cast metal, which gives it a nice weight, and good leverage when opening beer bottles
  • Compact Design: Toola measures 1.69 x 1.01 x 4.48 inches
  • Designed By osko+deichmann:Designed in partnership with osko+deichmann whose work has been displayed at louvre paris, cube gallery manchester, moma berlin, the guggenheim museum berlin, and more
  • Additional Information

    Product Length (Inches) Product Width (Inches) Product Height (Inches) Product Weight (Lbs)
    1.69 1.06 4.41 0.18